What We Catch



The Red Fish is one of the most sought after fish in our water. Live bait, soft plastics, flies, and topwater a great way to catch Reds.

From chilling in the flats, to oyster beds in deep holes, these hard fighters can be targeted many different ways. With a healthy two per person limit. A great meal or two can be harvested during your trip. One of the three components of Florida’s Inshore Slam.

You can catch Redfish year-round. Check in with Bart if you have a specific way you want to target them.



The “doormat” is a legendary striker and fighter. Frustrating at times because they do not eat the bait right away. The anticipation of setting the hook can be both amazing and unnerving at the same time! Harvested mainly in the spring and fall with a few resident fish sticking around during the winter.

Flounders of 5 plus pounds have been taken from our kayaks! One of the three components of the Florida Inshore Slam.



Delicate mouths and strong strikes make the Sea Trout a worthy adversary. Mainly targeted with live bait or artificial lures. The Sea Trout can grow to ten plus pounds but are more commonly in the three-to-five pound range. Caught year round. They often school with Redfish, making a great companion catch to your Reds! One of the three components of the Florida Inshore Slam. These fish are very tasty if prepared quickly after harvest as they don’t freeze well. All big breeding trout over 22 inches are released.



Piling Snapper, Convict Fish, Sheepshead, there are many names for this not so pretty wintertime fish. With its human like teeth and amazingly delicate bite, the Sheepshead can often be an amazing reward to fishing in some not so great weather. Mainly caught in the winter, Sheepshead like structure where they scrape barnacles off pilings and rocks. Get ready for some snags and quick strikes when you fish for Sheepshead!



With the ability to grow to over ten pounds, Black Drum are the ugly duckling of our catch list, but have some amazingly tender white fillets if harvested before they grow over five pounds! Caught mainly in the cooler weather, Black Drum are good fighters all the way up to the boat.



The large Silver King. Well not a common catch, we do see some during the summer and can target near shore or in the inlet, if you’re an experience kayaker. Hard fights and amazing jumps make this a trophy of a lifetime! Juvenile Tarpon are a blast in the back waters. These are more abundant and easily targeted. These are a fun catch, photo release fish.



These are one of Florida’s most sought after inshore sports fish. Once hooked on, these acrobatic fish jump and can give lightning fast runs.  Saint Augustine and the neighboring counties going south are the most north point of these tropical fish’s range. With the warmer winter patterns, these fun fighting fish have become a lot more common along Florida’s Northeast coast. It only takes a cold front to knock these warm water fish back to their southern, winter hangouts. Summer is the best time to target these guys. In the months of May and September are your best chances to harvest a keeper. Slot size on Snook is only between twenty-eight to thirty-two inches. Super fun to target all summer long!